A pop-up store will be held at REAL Style Kichijoji

REAL Style 吉祥寺店にてポップアップストアを開催

September 27, 2021

Period: September 27 [Mon]-October 26 [Tue]
Holding store: Real style Kichijoji store

Be beautiful in the kitchen or in the dining room.
As a highly durable and functional kitchen utensil, you can easily prepare delicious dishes, and when you place it on the dining table, it quickly transforms into a stylish dish.
With a simple, stripped-down shape and a color expressed with a unique glaze, it combines functionality and beauty as a vessel, and colors every day from the dining space.
Together with the interior, we will create such an ideal space.
The all-purpose cooking pan "PETARI" that makes home cooking delicious and beautiful, and the tableware "J.MEZON" that colors your daily life from the dining space.
Both are new brands that enrich your lifestyle, suitable for "KITCHEN TO TABLE".
Please take a look at the POPUP SHOP for a limited time.

Real Style Kichijoji Store Kichijoji Parco B1F, 1-5-1 Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino City, Tokyo