HIBI Rim Plate M

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【 size 】

Diameter 21cm x Height 1.8cm

【 material 】



The size is called a seven-sun plate for Japanese tableware and a dessert/salad plate for Western tableware. It is easy to use as a plate for serving main dishes, and is suitable for serving single dishes. It does not take up too much space on the dining table, and you can arrange various side dishes to create a voluminous dining table.

【 Available 】

Dishwasher ○

Microwave ○

Direct fire ×

Oven ×

*Please note that each item has a different pattern.

* HIBI is a work that uses the technique of penetration. Due to the technique, you may sometimes hear a high-pitched "ping" even after it is delivered to the user. This is due to the fact that fine cracks gradually form on the surface over time . Sometimes it gets dirty, but I hope you can understand it as a characteristic of the vessel.